Welcome to the March 2024 edition of the Decimal Point Analytics Newsletter. In this edition, we are excited to feature, an innovative platform that introduces a new era of PDF interactions for professionals, aiming to streamline complex processes.

Discover insights into the evolving ESG investment landscape, with a look forward to the trends and strategies for 2024, alongside a focus on Power BI's transformative role in financial data management. Additionally, we're proud to share our recent feature in The CSR Universe, where we discuss our initiative of transitioning all our offices to green energy.

Don't miss our podcast highlight, where we discuss the effects of rising interest rates on individual investors and small businesses in the US with David Riedel, our Strategic Sales Partner. Join us as we navigate through these insightful topics, designed to inform, and inspire our readers to make informed decisions in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Product Highlight

Decimal Point Analytics' associate company, SmartCloud, has launched an innovative product,! This new platform revolutionizes PDF interactions by allowing users to communicate with documents for quick, thorough analysis. Tailored for all professionals, streamlines complex processes and enhances workflow efficiency.

ESG in Focus
ESG Investing Trends:
2023 Review and 2024 Outlook

Discover the dynamic shifts in ESG investing through our ESG Insight series. With a pivot after 2023's slowdown, we explore what 2024 holds for ESG trends. As the real economy remains committed to sustainability, we predict vital changes in ESG funding, reporting, and investment approaches. Dive deeper into these transformative trends and their potential impact on an informed strategy in the evolving ESG landscape.

Financial Insights
Power BI for Financial Institutions:
A Game-Changer

Power BI is transforming financial data management with its ability to unify diverse data sources, provide intuitive analysis, and create visual representations. This enhances financial institutions' capabilities in customer insights, portfolio optimization, and regulatory compliance, leading to improved decision-making and operational efficiency.


Decimal in News

Unveiling Net Zero: Decoding Decimal Point Analytics' Purposeful Journey Towards Sustainability
In an exclusive interview with The CSR Universe, our CEO, Shailesh Dhuri, highlights Decimal Point Analytics' steps towards sustainability. We have transitioned our Indian offices to renewable energy, aligning with our goal for Net Zero Emissions by 2026. This effort not only demonstrates our commitment to eco-friendly practices but also sets a precedent in corporate sustainability.
Podcast Pick
Decimal Point Analytics Unplugged | Rising Rates: Navigating the New Financial Landscape

Discover how rising interest rates are reshaping the financial landscape for individual investors and small businesses in the US. Our latest podcast episode features a conversation with David Riedel, our Strategic Sales Partner, who dives into the challenges and opportunities presented by the current interest rate environment.

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