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In the age of digital transformation, data automation and machine learning are the keys to tomorrow's business. The advent of technology has altered how businesses gather, store, and analyze information. Organizations across the world are now acknowledging the significance of gaining insights from unstructured data and making data-driven choices. This means that if you want to win over your competition and keep abreast of your business, getting meaningful insights from data is no longer an option, it is a necessity.

ESG Ratings Muddle Created by Needless Complexity in Rating Methodologies

Same data, vastly different results – how is that possible? But that is the situation with the global ESG rating business. Over the years, data users and academic papers have repeatedly pointed this out. An article in The Economist pointed out that credit ratings have a 99% correlation across rating agencies. By contrast, ESG ratings tally little more than half the time.” This is a stark difference that clearly shows the problem users are dealing with here.

Delivering Comprehensive Data Solutions for a Leading Financial Data Aggregator and Provider

A Canada-Based Financial Data Aggregator And Provider approached us for a concrete and well-structured solution to their cumbersome processes. Learn how our team helped them collate the data from dependable sources to help them create annual reports, regulatory fillings and fact sheets.

Tailoring Process Automation Solutions to Provide Modernized Quality Data in Salesforce CRM

Many operations have been automated to a level of sophistication using CRM (customer relationship management) tools that significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of an organization. Companies can now leverage the vast data such tools have collected to achieve a high standard of client satisfaction in terms of services and interactions. Especially for data-intense industries such as financial services and asset management, access to granular information is what enables client confidence and empowers decision-making.

Decimal Point Analytics Inaugurated Its 100% Green Energy Office in Nashik

Decimal Point Analytics (DPA) inaugurates new green energy office space in Nashik. Speaking on the new office launch Mr. Shailesh Dhuri, CEO of Decimal Point Analytics said, "We believe our green energy office space would help us contribute to our commitment towards Net Zero emissions alongside cultivating a positive and professional work environment for our colleagues."

Decimal Point Analytics, Featured in Top 10 brands in Finance 2022 by CEO Insights magazine

CEO Insight magazine Webpage - Encompassing Innovation & Technology in all steps of the organization to deliver value to our clients, investors, and employees requires a strong leadership vision. CEO insights magazine has recognized us as one of the 'Top 10 brands in finance 2022'. Our CEO Shailesh Dhuri shared his take on the technological adaptation, the CSR activities within the organization, and the future he envisioned for Decimal.


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