December 2022 | Decimal Point Analytics Newsletter


Businesses are beginning to recognize data as a valuable asset for identifying trends, making decisions, and staying ahead of competitors. As a result, they play a critical role in the value chain, allowing organizations to make decisions and take actions that maximize organizational benefit. A solid data management strategy is the enterprise's foundation, as companies increasingly rely on data as intangible assets to create value.

UNEP Emissions Gap Report for 2022 paints a grim picture

UN Environment Programme's (UNEP) annual Emissions Gap report released last week once again shows that the on-ground progress in aligning to Paris Agreement remains sharply off trajectory.

Intelligent Dashboard Solution for Banks

One of the largest banks in the BRICS wanted to grow its business for which they required detailed insights into various sectors of a specific continent. The bank would gather financial and economic data on different sectors from multiple sources which would be used to generate insights.

Process & Cost Efficiency through DPA's Structured Data Management Solutions

Decimal Point Analytics (DPA) unlocked an effective solution for another data-based problem for a notable firm’s financial intelligence division. The client offers well-grounded data insights and publishes recent investment trends through a core fund database. The firm collects, processes, and disseminates enormous amounts of data in different fund groups.

Data Analytics - Making it work in the real world

We’re thrilled to host our first brown bag event, “Data Analytics: making it work in the real world,” in New York. Our first in-person conference was on Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Intelligence.

How Decimal Point Analytics is creating innovation and solutions

Our CEO Shailesh Dhuri shared about his entrepreneurial journey and more in an exclusive interview with Startup Story Media. In this insightful conversation, he shared innovative concepts, solutions and trends in the fintech industry.


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